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By | October 18, 2000

      EchoStar Communications Corporation and Geocast Network Systems Inc have reached an agreement to deliver personalised broadband services to PC users via EchoStar’s DISH Network satellite TV service.

      Under the terms of the agreement, Geocast will deliver its personalised broadband services to PC users using dedicated bandwidth on one of EchoStar’s primary direct broadcast satellites. This agreement will enable Geocast to reach a nationwide audience and allows DISH Network to deliver new PC services to its subscribers.

      “Geocast’s personalised broadband service incorporates the best features of the Internet and video for our customers,” said Charlie Ergen, chairman and CEO of EchoStar. “Geocast will be a one-stop-shop for DISH Network’s over 4.3 million customers who want to receive customisable content and high quality video clips on their home computers as well as receive the hundreds of popular, 100 per cent digital television channels from DISH Network on their televisions – all using the same small satellite dish. Geocast takes the traditional Internet experience to a whole new level.”

      Geocast is building a new broadband platform and personalised rich media delivery service for PC users through a strategy that harnesses the high-speed delivery mechanisms of digital terrestrial, satellite and cable broadcasters.

      The combined network and service solution offers the instant availability and clarity of television with the customisation and interactive features of the web.

      The Geocast service, expected to be available to DISH Network customers in the third quarter of 2001, will give users instant access to their own personalised selection of locally and nationally sourced information, entertainment, and e-commerce offerings, including downloadable software and music.

      “Geocast is the only broadband network that will offer a completely new communications platform including: data transmission, personal server, and precisely targeted content. At the heart of Geocast’s richness and flexibility is the GeoBox, a unique personal broadband server that connects easily to a user’s PC and receives, processes, and stores personalised content for on-demand retrieval from its internal hard drive. Users will continue to use their current Internet provider for web access and for email,” said Geocast.

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