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InSight Telecommunications To Sell Ku-band Capacity On GE 2

By | October 5, 2000

      InSight Telecommunications Corp. of Boston has agreed to sell, schedule and service the 24 Ku-band transponders on the GE 2 satellite that previously was used by Primestar. The agreement for GE 2 goes into effect Oct. 2. The satellite is located at 85 degreesW.

      InSight delivers content for the broadcasting, cable TV and Internet industries, via fiber optics and the Internet as well as satellites. It said it has handled programming for Major League Baseball, Monday Night Football, the LeMans auto races, soccer games and NASA shuttle launches.

      “InSight is delighted to be able to offer our customers this significant new Ku-band capacity, which we are already beginning to market,” said Keith Buckley, president and CEO.

      InSight also has an agreement with Telesat Canada market the capabilities of Telesat Canada’s two main broadcasting satellites, Anik E2 and Anik E1 to U.S. customers. It also plans to market capacity on the Anik F1 satellite, which is scheduled to be launched later this year, to U.S. customers.

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