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By | September 20, 2000

      Belgium telecom operator Belgacom and Eutelsat have launched a new service called Internet Over Satellite, which is aimed at ISPs and corporate users located in areas with poor terrestrial infrastructure. It will offer high speed Internet connectivity via Eutelsat satellites.

      Belgacom said the solution will enable customers to connect their remote communication equipment via Eutelsat to the Belbone, the Belgacom Internet backbone in order to access the Internet. The Internet Over Satellite service will be operational in October 2000.

      Operating from one of the satellite earth stations of Belgacom in Liedekerke (Brussels), the service utilises Eutelsat II-F3 at the 21.5 degrees East slot. The Belgacom Internet backbone is directly connected to the two main Internet backbones in the USA, the major European POPs and to Asia via Singapore Telecom.

      In its first phase, the service will provide up to 45 Mbps on the forward link (from the backbone to the ISPs) and up to 8 Mbits/s on the return link. For users looking for higher access speeds, Belgacom said it can provide tailor made solutions. A $10 million (E11.60 million) deal with SkyVision has just been implemented, offering a complete 155 Mbits/s solution for high speed Internet connectivity requirements towards Israel and several other countries in the region.

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