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SCCA Buys 1,000 VisTrac Orbcomm Units From American Millenium Inc.

By | September 7, 2000

      Costa Rica-based Satellite Communications Central America (SCCA) has placed an initial order for 1,000 VisTrac satellite-based fleet monitoring systems from Golden, Colo.-based American Millenium Corp. Inc. [AMCI].

      The VisTrac systems will be used to monitor trucking fleets in Costa Rica and Panama. They will enable trucking companies to know the location of their trucks, as well as communicate with the trucks in near real-time via on-board data terminals.

      AMCI will be using Orbcomm’s low-Earth-orbit satellite constellation to provide the satellite link to SCCA.

      “The AMCI VisTrac system exceeds the requirements and functionality for our deployment in the trucking industry in Panama and Costa Rica,” said Max Leimer, vice president of purchasing and development for SCCA.

      “There is a real need for tracking, telemetry, and messaging in Central America, and is of the highest importance for the trucking and insurance industries,” he added.

      AMCI is a reseller of Orbcomm’s satellite service in Central America. Orbcomm is a subsidiary of Orbital Sciences Corp. [ORB] and Teleglobe Inc. [TGE].

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