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MirCorp’s Citizen Explorer Enters Training For Mir Flight

By | August 30, 2000

      Amsterdam-based MirCorp has entered its first civilian into training at Russia’s Star City. Businessman Dennis Tito is preparing for his commercial flight to the Russian space station slated for next year.”With our first Citizen Explorer now in training, MirCorp is more than ever committed to the belief that space exploration does not have to be government funded,” said Jeffery Manber, MirCorp president.Tito will follow a staggered training program that enables him to spend approximately two weeks at Star City followed by two weeks in California to run his business. As the flight date approaches, Tito will remain in Russia for the final training and mission preparations. Tito will accompany two cosmonauts aboard a Soyuz transport spacecraft launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

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