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Intellicom Signs Agreements To Provide Internet Access Services

By | August 24, 2000

      Intellicom Inc. of Livermore, Calif., said it has signed agreement with six companies to supply satellite-based, two-way Internet services. Intellicom is a subsidiary of SoftNet Systems Inc. [SOFN].

      “Intellicom’s target customers are ISPs, educational organizations and corporations who require Internet or private data communications that are independent of location or terrestrial limitations,” said Carol Sorrick, president of Intellicom.

      This month, Intellicom said it has signed agreements with Fujitsu ICL, a supplier of computer hardware systems that is particularly strong in the Caribbean, and New Technologies Group of the Dutch Antilles, which has supplied information technologies solutions to small- and medium-size businesses in the region since 1992.

      Another agreement is with International Services for Technological Enhanced Companies (Isetec S.A.) of Asuncion, Paraguay.

      Finally, Intellicom said it has signed Internet access agreement service with: Cibola Internet Services of Grants, N.M., which will be its distributor in New Mexico; Sat-a-Link of St. Anne, Ill., which will be its distributor in Illinois and Indiana; and Ceva, a subsidiary of the Central Virginia Electric Cooperative, which will be Intellicom’s representative to rural electric coops throughout the United States.

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