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By | August 23, 2000

      Satellite transmissions of Albanian Television (TVSh) resumed via Eutelsat on August 15 after a six-month break. Previously, the programmes went out on Eutelsat W2 at 16 degrees East. The broadcasts will have a new look because in addition to news and music programmes, the schedule will be more diverse and include programmes for children, as well as ones in the Albanian language covering culture and traditions.

      According to TVSh director general, Eduard Mazi, the transmission will continue to last for two hours a day for the next six months, as they did before the break. The aim is to increase the airtime to four or six hours a day sometime after this initial six-month period.

      The new transmissions will also offer a separate programme because 85 per cent of the material planned for broadcast will be directed at Albanians living abroad.

      “Taking into account requests of our viewers in Europe, we have given priority to the education of children, especially with regard to the language, traditions and culture,” said Mazi on Albanian radio. “Another component of this programme will be news. The news team will be basically the same as on the regular programme. However, it will attach special attention to activities in the areas inhabited by the Albanians abroad. “The third component will be musical request programmes and programmes about business opportunities in Albania.”

      Mazi added, “In future we will introduce digital transmission and our viewers will have to buy a card and spend some money. For the time being, we will transmit to meet their information, culture and language needs. However, we may ask them to sponsor particular programmes on this satellite transmission.”

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