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By | January 25, 1996

      Rockwell Gets $11.8 Million Contract

      Rockwell International’s Collins Avionics and Communications Division won an $11.8 million contract modification from the U.S. Naval Systems Command for 701 control display navigation units. The units will go into GPS systems onboard Navy and Air Force aircraft. (Jim Thebeau, Rockwell Intl, 319/395-5775.) HighwayMaster Signs Deal With NationaLease

      Dallas-based HighwayMaster Corp. recently signed an agreement with NationaLease Purchasing Corp. to sell HighwayMaster’s GPS-based mobile communication and information systems. NationaLease plans to buy 500 units this year. (Barb Catlin, HighwayMaster, 214/732-2516.)

      DCX Buys Westinghouse Landmark GIS Inc.

      DCX Inc. recently purchased Westinghouse Landmark GIS Inc., a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Corp., for $1.4 million. Landmark GIS, one the largest digital mapping companies, had annual sales of $7 million. (Bruce Haun, B. Edward Haun & Co., 303/595-4667.)

      ATX Installs GPS-Cellular Units

      ATX Research Inc. is installing its OnGuard personal security and vehicle tracking system into San Antonio Police Department and Montgomery County, Texas, vehicles. The GPS-based system with cellular capability retails for $695 to $995. (Michael Towers, ATX Research, 800/789-4373.)

      MDSI System Uses GPS

      MDSI Mobile Data Solutions Inc. signed a contract with San Diego Gas and Electric for a computer-aided dispatch system. Field information transmitted by the system includes GPS location. (Nancy McLeod, MDSI, 604/270-9939.)

      NASA Lab Has Licensing Opportunities

      GPNN sister publication TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER WEEK reported that NASA has licensing opportunities through Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for precise location determination without using military GPS selective availability channels. The system, called GIPSY (GPS- inferred positioning system), has the ability to land aircraft and is in use by several large companies. JPL also offers improved GPS receivers. (Al Pappano, JPL, 818/354-5007.)

      POIC Showcases GPS Units

      Southfield, Mich.-based Personal Onboard Information Systems are offering “personal navigators” that use GPS for in-car and consumer use. The company recently displayed its products at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (Howard Kenig, POIS, 810/354- 3500.)

      Trimble Grabs Navy Contract

      Trimble Navigation Ltd. recently won a contract from the Navstar GPS Joint Program Office for GPS receiver cards for U.S. Navy surface ships and submarines. The contract calls for 25 units to be delivered. However, with options, the contract could reach $2.9 million for as many as 1,250 units. (Lea Ann McNabb, Trimble Navigation Ltd., 408/481-7808.)

      Pelorus Takes Airport Contract

      Pelorus Navigation Systems Inc. grabbed a $450,000 contract to supply distance measuring equipment and other navigation equipment for Corrientes Airport, Argentina. The company recently delivered 11 navigation systems to airports in Argentina. (Shirley Fitzhenry, Pelorus, 403/250-9377.)

      Leica System Used in Survey Vehicle

      A Leica Inc. differential GPS (DGPS) unit is being used by Paris, Ontario-based Roadware Corp. in a highway survey vehicle that detects cracks, potholes and other road defects. The vehicle, called the Automated Road Analyzer, also logs the conditions of signs, highway markers, right of ways–all while traveling at highway speeds. The Leica DGPS unit provides a geographic reference location which can be used by municipalities to create geographic information systems show road conditions. (Ajay Seth, Leica, 310/791-5300.)

      Quest Systems Moves Offices

      Quest Systems recently moved its offices to 17210 Mercury Drive, Houston, TX 77058-2741. (Lisabeth Andrews, Quest Systems, 713/280- 0227.)

      AOPA Wants FAA to Approve GPS/Loran For Instrument Approaches

      Frederick, Md.-based Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) wants the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to approve Loran and GPS for distance measuring purposes on instrument approaches. AOPA also wants the FAA to permit instrument flight rules (IFR) use of panel-mount VFR Loran or GPS and handheld GPS receivers. AOPA said there is market uncertainty about the slow transition to GPS and changing technical standards that have limited many pilots to pur- chase Loran or lower price non-IFR GPS. (Warren Morningstar, AOPA, 301/695-2162.)

      Micron Communications’ Ambit

      Micron Communications’ Ambit location unit combines GPS with radio frequency identification capability. Ambit can determine a vehicle’s location with cellular and wireless LAN. (Patrick King, Micron Communications, 208/368-4888.)

      SAIC Gets $20 Million Range Contract

      Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) was awarded a contract worth more than $20 million to design and build a range for the Egyptian National Training Center (ENTC). The ENTC will incorporate a new generation of GPS-based player unit instrumentation packages to locate and communicate with military exercise participants. (John Garcia, SAIC, 619/450-3701.)

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