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By | June 1, 2012 | Industry At Large, Telecom

Cisco AIMS TO Solve Satellite/VoIP Bandwidth Issues with New Multiplexing Solution

Cisco is introducing an IP multiplexing technology for its Cisco Mobile Ready Net package that aims to dramatically improve the number of IP-based calls on a satellite link.

Cisco Mobile Ready Net is used by military and commercial customers that need to quickly set up a network. Voice-over-IP and satellite links can create bandwidth issues, but Cisco said it came up with the new IP multiplexing capability to tackle the problem. Features have been added to update the operating system used in the 5915 ESR and the 5940 ESR to deliver up to a 20 to 1 increase in call volume capability.

Hughes Completes HX System Trials for ADF

Hughes Network Systems has completed a series of technology trials on its HX System for the Australian Defense Force (ADF), which analyzed the effects of transitioning from legacy Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) systems to an IP-based Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) architecture.

The trials were conducted across ADF satellite payloads in X- and Ku-band utilizing an HX System comprised of fixed and transportable gateways, the HX280 satellite broadband router and advanced network management system.

Numerex Releases Location-Based Services Platform for Secure Tracking

Machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services provider Numerex has unveiled a new Location-Based Services (LBS) platform, which aims to provide enterprises with secure, scalable solutions for monitoring, tracking and recovery of mobile assets.

Built on Numerex’s FAST horizontal service delivery platform, the LBS platform provides asset visibility and control from a web-based portal that supports configurable applications and integrates with vehicle-powered M2M devices that are connected to both cellular and satellite networks. Numerex said the new platform addresses the demand it has identified in agriculture, transportation, construction and other industry markets seeking monitoring solutions for mobile or semi-mobile assets.

Vislink Unveils Integrated V-Net Video Surveillance Solution

Vislink has unveiled its V-Net end-to-end video surveillance solution that integrates mobile, fixed and covert intelligence assets into a mission critical information workflow.

Vislink said that the TV-Net solution integrates microwave, IP, 4G LTE and Mesh networks into an optimized solution to display real-time tactical imagery on computers, tablets and smartphones anywhere on the network.

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