ASC Signal Releases New Mobile Antenna for Military, Commercial Users

[Satellite TODAY 05-31-12] ASC Signal unveiled a new 2.4-meter nomadic antenna that aims to incorporate its advanced mobile features in a compact unit for rapid deployment, the company announced May 30.

   ASC also confirmed that it has already delivered several of the new units to customers for initial testing. The ASC Signal lightweight, carbon-fiber antenna can be configured for one-, three- or nine-piece reflector panels, enableing communications in L-, S-, X-, C-, K-, Ku-, Ka-, Q- and V-bands, as well as low passive inter-modulation.
   “Our new 2.4 meter nomadic antenna meets our government and commercial customers’ needs for mobility and rapid deployment at a very affordable price,” ASC Signal President and CEO Keith Buckley said in a statement. “We have given users the lightest, most easily-deployed technology available in our product line. This technology expands our full range of antennas and systems as we continue to provide reliable performance and flexibility for critical mobile and fixed communications in commercial and defense markets worldwide.” 

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