Global Satellite USA Launches New Maritime GSM Service

[Satellite TODAY 05-02-12] Satellite solutions provider Global Satellite USA has launched a low-cost GSM communications service to the offshore market under the brand name GSM Oceanwide, the company announced May 1.

   GSM Oceanwide was built on existing deployed cellular technology combined with the support of Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband service. The solution aims to allow offshore officers and crewmembers to make onboard calls in approved areas and crew quarters. Crewmembers are required to insert a dedicated prepaid SIM card into their GSM phones to activate the service.
   “To keep costs affordable, the SIM card carries a Philippine number,” Global Satellite USA CEO Martin Firestone said in a statement. “Inbound SMS messages are charged to the caller at the Philippine local rate, for calls set up from the Philippines. For calls set up from other countries, they are charged at long distance rates to the Philippines. Satellite costs are charged to the GSM mobile.”

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