Globecomm Employs Hybrid IP Business Model to New Enterprise Platform

By | April 19, 2012 | Feature, Telecom

[Satellite News 04-19-12] Communications solutions and services provider Globecomm unveiled the latest version of its Tempo enterprise media platform, which employs a new role for IP-based infrastructure in a satellite network.
            The core Tempo product was created to integrate high-quality hardware, software and delivery solutions with Globecomm’s network monitoring, help desk and life cycle support services. Globecomm hopes the Tempo 2.3’s new combination of “solution-plus” service will create a completely managed corporate communications solution for a limitless variety of enterprise environments.
            Globecomm Vice President of Enterprise Services Ed Behan told Satellite News that the Tempo 2.3 platform was designed as a powerful end-to-end media solution that would allow organizations in the vertical market to deliver secure, high-quality interactive live and on-demand content to desktops, mobile devices and televisions that integrates with other enterprise software.
            “Globecomm has historically been a satellite business,” said Behan. “But, the industry has been moving in a direction that calls for more efficient networks and better value propositions. We took the forward view in developing Tempo 2.3 by transforming IP infrastructure into an integral part of a satellite network, instead of viewing IP as a product of a terrestrial competitor.”
            At first, the IP revolution was seen as a high-speed weapon of the terrestrial world that would impact satellite businesses. During the last few years, however, more and more traditional satellite companies like Globecomm are embracing the hybrid IP, satellite model to leverage the strengths of each platform to specific network segments and increase the performance of their services.
            “The new release of Tempo takes a great stride forward in integrating head-end technology and remote devices, such as the Tempo Media appliance and our Interactive Viewer terminal,” said Behan. “We wanted to create a truly end-to-end solution for sales, training and communications insider the enterprise.”
            Behan added that Globecomm is particularly excited about the Tempo 2.3’s ability to deliver interactive distance learning services to classrooms around the world. “The upgrade leverages our low-latency technology and edge services,” he said. “This adds an important feature set to retailers and service organizations and the low latency feature creates an end-to-end satellite experience in less than three seconds.”
            Globecomm’s new Tempo solution was recently chosen by Rollins Corp. for corporate communications and training at more than 500 of its locations throughout the world. Satellite News ran into Rollins Director of Media Services Ramiro Banderas at the NAB in Las Vegas. Banderas spoke about his company’s experience with the Tempo platform.
            “We are absolutely thrilled by the services provided by Tempo,” said Banderas. “The platform gives us much more interactivity. We sought out Globecomm because we wanted to make our training and education experience better. We had previously been using a one-touch system for connectivity outside of North America that was limited to multiple-choice questions. Now, with Tempo, we have two-way video and other enhanced activity capabilities that make our jobs a lot easier.”
            Another Tempo 2.3 feature that makes customer operations easier is its new graphical interface, which resembles the popular linear-editing style of Adobe software. Behan said the change to the interface was to create familiarity with customers in a wide variety of sectors, including business TV.
            “With Tempo 2.3, we will be hitting the retail markets starting at the very end of July,” said Behan. “We’ve also been having a lot of discussions to expand the service to other markets. I can also tell you that several maritime customers have approached us to inquire about the new service. The feedback we’re getting is spectacular. They want these new features onboard their ships.”

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