Advantech Wireless Transcend 800 Operates Successfully in Sri Lanka

radio IP Sri Lanka

Transcend 800B Point-to-Point Microwave Radio System. Photo: Advantech Wireless

[Via Satellite 12-03-13] Advantech Wireless’ Transcend 800 Point-to-Point Microwave Radio System has successfully operated in Sri Lanka, confirming that it can be integrated into existing networks.

Since developing the first native Ethernet radio and implementing a LDPC error-correction mechanism in its split-mount microwave radio product in the early 2000’s, Advantech Wireless has improved the design of the Transcend 800 and achieved a strong operational performance. The radio system provides IP L2 switching and L3 routing functionalities as well as True Adaptive Coding and Modulation (True ACMTM).

The Transcend 800 also provides a high capacity, high performance and flexible solution to transmission, telecom and broadcast applications including backhauling 3G/4G traffic and wireless broadband networks such as LTE, HSPA+, WiMAX, Metro Wi-Fi, UMTS TDD and private communication networks carrying data, voice and HD video.

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