Analyst: Satellite Industry Could Find Opportunity In Working With WiMax

While many in the satellite industry fear the potential loss of some C-band spectrum to terrestrial providers, by working together satellite and WiMax technologies can produce a variety of “distinct opportunities, highly dependent on the frequency band in use and regional competitive considerations,” research firm NSR said July 19.

"The issue isn’t broadband, but interference,” said Christopher Baugh, NSR president, who added that “the widespread use of C-band will clearly be a challenge [between extended and standard C-band users and emerging WiMax services using the 3.5 gigahertz spectrum]. There are certainly some challenging issues ahead, but there are opportunities as well,” including C- and Ku-band satellite backhaul in developing and remote areas, or retail DBS-WiMax triple-play bundles in established satellite TV markets.

The report, “WiMax — Opportunity or Threat for Satellite Communications?,” includes forecasts for WiMax-generated transponder demand, backhaul sites and satellite service revenues in each region of the world throughout the next five years.

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