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The Eutelsat orbital constellation (Interspace 699, page 8) was badly affected by printer’s gremlins. The corrected version appears below. For good order’s sake it is also worth clarifying that the order take-up of Eutelsat’s 28.5 degrees East ‘Eurobird’ is: six transponders to Luxembourg and four transponders to British Telecom for BSkyB usage.

Eutelsat’s Constellation In The Sky, 2002 Plan
15W 12.5W 11W 8W 7E 10E 13E 16E 21.5E 25.5E 28.5E 33E 36E 40E 48E
Telstar 12 AB-1 Exp 3A AB-2 W3 W1 HB7 W2 II-F3 II-F4 Eurobird I-F4 W4 Express II-F1
II-F2 Telecom 2A HB6 Kopemikus Sesat
I-F5 Telecom 2D HB5
Source: Interspace

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