ATK Enhances Crew, Cargo Capability on Liberty Spacecraft

[Satellite TODAY 07-04-12] ATK has revealed an expanded crew and cargo capability on its Liberty spacecraft, which aims to eventually transport the Liberty Logistics Module or LLM, along with a composite crew module, for NASA, the company announced July 3.

   The LLM, based on NASA’s 15-foot diameter design, will include a common berthing mechanism capable of transporting up to 5,100 pounds of pressurized cargo.
   ATK Liberty Program Vice President and Manager Kent Rominger said that with its new capability, the LLM could be used to transport four full-size science racks and a team of scientists to the International Space Station.
   “Liberty’s expanded service allows us to bring a commercial capability delivering up to seven crew members, 5,000 pounds of pressurized cargo, along with external cargo in a single flight," Rominger said in a statement. “This results in tremendous value since all other commercial offerings would need two flights to accomplish what Liberty does in one.”

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