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By | September 1, 2010 | Satellite News Feed

Customers demand enterprise-class, high speed, secure IP voice, video and data applications wherever they are. Today, the sheer number, diversity and complexity of these applications have risen to new heights. And with every new application, the need for bandwidth grows more urgent.
iDirect remains at the forefront of this challenging, vibrant industry. Far exceeding basic Internet access or voice connectivity, these are just some of the many faces of the diverse, bandwidth-intensive VSAT applications powered by iDirect technology:
â–  In business, banking, retail, financial companies and a host of other enterprises rely on iDirect for everything from data sharing and point-of-sale to digital signage and business continuity.
â–  In medicine, telehealth applications via satellite enable the exchange of high bandwidth diagnostic files, vital sign monitoring and more through fully interactive voice, video and data transmission.
â–  In education, iDirect is enabling fully interactive distance learning rich in multimedia content, helping even the most remote students take part in videoconferencing.
â–  For military communications, iDirect technology enables high-speed mobility to support command and control, reconnaissance and telemedicine.
â–  In the high demand maritime market, iDirect technology enables a wide range of applications such as weather and charting data, with the iDirect name on nearly 50% of all VSAT routers on vessels today.
â–  iDirect is bringing connectivity to oil rigs, utility and pipeline stations to enable constant monitoring and control of core functions and exchange of high intensity video files.
For the past 15 years, iDirect has realized the value of satellite connectivity and its power to drive communications advances across a broad range of industries and geographies. Our global partner network of more than 300 service providers and network operators relies on iDirect’s advanced technology to manage increasingly complex deployments, adapt quickly to new requirements, stay poised for growth, optimize operations and increase customer satisfaction.

One Intelligent Platform

iDirect delivers a more intelligent and dynamic portfolio of solutions to meet the rising connectivity needs of these diverse markets and demanding applications.
The iDirect Intelligent Platform™ integrates advanced technology into iDirect’s portfolio of universal hubs, routers and network management software to enable any IP application to run reliably and efficiently over satellite. This single platform, built with fully integrated IP routing technology, provides the agility to meet precise business needs regardless of bandwidth requirements, application, satellite band or topology.
With this proven platform at the core, the iDirect Evolution® product series has rapidly become the gold standard in performance, efficiency and value, with more than 200 Evolution networks at work around the world. Built on DVB-S2 with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), iDirect partners are leveraging Evolution to build next generation satellite networks that bring record-breaking bandwidth efficiency gains and lower operating costs.
Today, we continue to expand the capabilities of Evolution, bringing new levels of functionality that translate to faster data processing speeds, greater network scalability, and optimized performance. Each advancement is made with one goal in mind: enabling our partners to introduce the most innovative, differentiated services to their customers and capture the satellite industry’s most promising market opportunities.

Greater Network Visibility

Just as applications have grown increasingly complex, so have the network management challenges behind them. Network operators need greater levels of visibility and operational control to streamline NOC operations, increase network performance and ultimately offer customers a higher level of service and responsiveness.
iDirect’s SatManage suite of Web-based software tools integrate, monitor and automate hybrid networks and NOC-based applications, transforming how they manage complex customer deployments, resulting in stronger network performance, faster response times, lower operating costs and greater customer satisfaction.
iDirect’s dynamic solutions-based strategy and unique strengths are making the difference for our partners, giving them the greatest edge in bringing next generation services to market.
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