NGA Issues $3.5 Billion Imagery Contracts to DigitalGlobe, GeoEye

[Satellite TODAY 08-10-10] The U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) awarded satellite imagery providers DigitalGlobe and GeoEye with separate 10-year, $3.5 billion contracts under the NGA’s EnhancedView procurement program, the companies announced Aug. 6.
    DigitalGlobe’s contract will begin in September upon expiration of its NextView agreement with the agency. DigitalGlobe will supply satellite imagery deliveries from its WorldView satellite constellation under a service level agreement worth $2.8 billion. The agreement also contracts DigitalGlobe for up to $750 million in value-added products, infrastructure enhancements and other services.
    DigitalGlobe will receive the EnhancedView SLA portion of the award in $250 million increments for the first four contract years, with an increase to $300 million annually for the remaining six years of the agreement term. To support requirements under the agreement, DigitalGlobe said it immediately would begin procurement and construction of its next satellite, WorldView-3, and will launch the satellite by the end of 2014.
    GeoEye’s NGA EnhancedView program award provides for the engineering, construction and launch of the GeoEye-2 satellite and the design and procurement of associated ground station equipment. NGA will contribute up to 40 percent of the overall construction costs of the GeoEye-2 program, subject to certain contract limitations.
    GeoEye also will provide satellite imagery deliveries under a one-year service level agreement with the NGA that includes a nine-year option as well as design and procurement of additional infrastructure to support government operations. NGA will have options under the agreement to buy value-added products and other services.
    GeoEye’s contract begins in September and will be made by the company’s existing satellite constellation, with the GeoEye-2 satellite providing additional imagery as it comes on-line. The GeoEye-2 satellite will deliver imagery under the NGA agreement in early 2013.

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