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By | November 1, 2008 | Satellite News Feed

For more than 30 years, the Satellite Industry Directory has been an invaluable resource for anyone working within the satellite and communications sectors. Throughout its history, this resource has established itself as the industry-leading reference for the global satellite communications industry.

Unlike other industry resources, the Satellite Industry Directory provides valuable information for business executives and engineers alike. Throughout the directory, you will find new market data, updated organizational charts, EIRP coverage maps and listings for equipment providers, service integrators and product vendors. Additionally, you will have at your fingertips a broad spectrum of information on nearly every player within the global satellite arena, including detailed profiles of regional and global satellite operators, transponder brokers and resellers, product manufacturers and suppliers and an array of professional service providers.

Market Trends

This section features a "State of the Industry" profile that focuses on revenue trends for the previous year as well as market projections for the next 12 months. You’ll also find information on industry forecasts and market segment performance reviews in addition to expected launches and other planned projects.

Satellite Operators

This section provides detailed information on existing and planned satellite systems. The profiles include coverage maps, satellite technical characteristics, service offerings and key personnel. Each profile begins with information about the operator, including the operator’s address, telephone and fax numbers, contact personnel, a company overview, a list of services offered, and satellite control networks. Following the operator information are "at a glance" charts that provide technical information on satellite systems operated by the company.

Operational Systems

This section provides information on operational systems in the geosynchronous orbit as well as operational systems in other orbits. Each profile includes full address, phone, fax, web and e-mail addresses of operators, contact personnel, service offerings, satellite technical characteristics and coverage maps.


The first section dedicated to transponders — Transponder Frequency Plans — contains satellite transponder frequency plan information. The data in this section includes transponder number, downlink polarity, uplink frequency, downlink frequency and orbital position. The second transponder section — Transponder Brokers & Resellers — contains an A-to-Z listing of companies that lease and/or sell transponder capacity. Included are transponder owners and lessors as well as firms that procure satellite time on behalf of clients.

Transmission/Business TV and Videoconferencing Services

This section lists providers of satellite-delivered voice, data, video and integrated transmission services as well as companies that provide audio and teleconferencing/business television services. Listings include common carriers, specialized common carriers, teleports, resellers, value-added networks and production support companies.

Product and Service Providers

Both the Equipment Providers and Support Services sections contain alphabetical listings of companies that lease and/or sell transponder capacity. Included are transponder owners and lessors as well as firms that procure satellite time on behalf of clients. The Regulators, Governmental Agencies & Trade Associations section is divided into three parts. The first is a directory of U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) offices. The second lists state public utilities commissions throughout the United States. The third lists trade associations throughout the world. The PTT/Telecommunications Authorities section lists post, telephone and telegraph (PTT) administrators and other telecommunications authorities which manage and operate domestic and international postal and telecommunications services around the world. Lastly, the Intergovernmental Policy Organizations section covers multinational organizations that coordinate and standardize international telecommunications.

Product And Service Locator

This extensive section provides a quick reference to those who are looking for suppliers of specific products and services. A typical entry contains company name, city and state, country, and telephone number. Suppliers are listed alphabetically under specific product or service headings.

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