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By | November 1, 2008 | Satellite News Feed

Comtech EF Data, a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp., develops satcom equipment that is installed globally in commercial and government applications. Our products include modems, performance enhancement proxies, bandwidth and capacity management, encapsulators, receivers, converters, transceivers, amplifiers, block up converters, and terminals. Products are designed and manufactured in our Tempe, Ariz., facility.

Maintaining a reputation for product quality and reliability, Comtech EF Data is recognized as a technology leader and innovator. Examples of our advanced technologies that optimize satellite communications are:

DoubleTalk® Carrier-in-Carrier® Bandwidth Compression

Our revolutionary and award-winning DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier is based on Applied Signal Technology’s patented "Adaptive Cancellation" technology that allows full duplex satellite links to transmit concurrently in the same segment of transponder bandwidth. This equates to unprecedented bandwidth efficiencies, and enables service providers and enterprise users to fully optimize their space segment.

Low Density Parity Check Coding (LDPC)

The industry’s most bandwidth-efficient forward error correction (FEC). When used in networks with lower FEC coding rates and higher data rates, the power and bandwidth savings offered by LDPC are most apparent. In conjunction with LDPC is 8-QAM modulation, which exhibits far superior performance compared with conventional 8-PSK. When LDPC and 8-QAM are combined, satellite transponder utilization can be maximized, resulting in minimized operating expenses.

2nd Generation Turbo Product Coding (TPC)

Offers increased coding gain, lower decoding delay and significant bandwidth savings when compared to traditional methods. The range of code rates offered spans Rate 5/16 through 0.95, depending on modulation type.

IP Module

Modems with integrated IP module incorporate advanced features that maximize satellite link efficiency for IP networks. With optional, advanced header compression, payload compression and Quality of Service (QoS) features, bandwidth optimization can be taken to a new level.


Supporting contribution and distribution applications, our products are compliant with digital video broadcasting standards and interoperate with satellite service providers and encoding device vendors. Leveraging the bandwidth efficiencies of DVB-S2, the combined solution of our modems, modulators, demodulators, IP encapsulators and receivers can increase throughput by up to 30 percent compared to DVB-S.

Dynamic Single Carrier per Channel (dSCPC)

The Vipersat Management System is the engine that provides dynamic SCPC bandwidth management of space segment.

When a node in the network has an application to transport over the satellite link, dSCPC technology provides the mechanism to automatically establish the SCPC carrier for that transmission. dSCPC resizes the carrier based on the increase or decrease in applications being sent over the link, and returns the remote to its home state once the application is completed.

Daisy Chain Redundancy Switching

Our up and down converters utilize the patented "Daisy Chain" integrated switching technology. The Daisy Chain design removes the relays associated with a centralized protection switch tray and distributes them across the individual converters. Daisy Chain technology successfully eliminates a central switching chassis, two power supplies, a microprocessor and several long, costly cables. Widely accepted in the industry, Comtech’s Daisy Chain provides both pricing and marketing advantages.

Our products are optimizing satellite links in a variety of deployments, including:

  • Satellite Operators

  • Cellular Service Providers

  • Broadcast and SNG

  • Ministries & Government Agencies

  • Educational Institutions

  • Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Maritime

  • Enterprise

Comtech EF Data’s products are installed in 160-plus countries. Providing "around the clock" customer support and authorized service centers, we are prepared to help you maximize bandwidth, reduce OPEX and CAPEX associated with satcom, and lower total cost of ownership.

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