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With more than 20 years in the industry, Advantech AMT is a leading designer and manufacturer of transmission and network technology for satellite and terrestrial wireless communication. Products include modems; network and media routers; amplifiers; transceivers; frequency converters; mobile antenna systems; antenna tracking controllers and combination systems. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Advantech AMT has offices throughout North America, South America and Europe.

Commercial Applications

From internet connectivity to corporate networking, data processing, Web casting, voice over IP telephony service, or network backbone extensions, Advantech AMT can deliver a platform that is configurable to your specific needs, meeting both performance and cost targets. Broadcasters and digital satellite newsgathering operators also can enjoy the benefits of Advantech AMT’s modems and media routers, supporting all of the DVB (including DVB-S2) and Intelsat satellite standards, with data rates from 8 Kb/s to 155 Mb/s.

Our range also includes a complete suite of broadband network solutions, with our "pay as you grow" approach supporting the deployment of networks of all sizes. Our SpaceBridge solution enables a fledgling network of just a few terminals that can later be transformed in to DVB-RCS solutions capable of supporting hundreds and thousands of terminals without changing any equipment at the user premises. Our new DVB-RCS micro-hub enables small- to medium-scale networks to be created far more cost-effectively than other available solutions. These provide the ability to use the DVB-S2 standard for greatest efficiency.

Advantech AMT’s amplifiers cover all popular frequency ranges with a tremendous range of power output options. Input can be at your frequency of choice, or a combination of frequencies if you have a hybrid system. Alternatively, we have a range of external frequency converters (including weatherproof), with the most popular models delivered in less than 30 days, guaranteed.

Our new range of mobile satellite antenna systems, both vehicle-mount and flyaway, often are praised for their quality and speed of deployment. Where tracking of the satellite is important customers can rely on our best-in-class antenna controllers, available for the largest to the smallest of antenna, either fixed site or mobile. Advantech offers the ultimate in performance and reliability.


For more than 15 years, Advantech AMT has been providing military customers with solutions for both tactical and welfare communications. We are renowned for breaking new ground in functionality and performance. Our AMT-73L software defined radio (SDR), for example, the first MIL-STD-188-165A compliant modem delivered. It has a wide dynamic range and can exceed the MIL-STD-188-165A specification for data rates, delivering over 110 megabits per second. If required it can be fitted with our IP Gateway — a fully featured, internal, network router.

Advantech AMT’s multi-band SSPA product line provides military customers with a quick response ability to use any available satellite in C-, X-, Ku- and Ka-band frequencies.

Our antenna tracking control solutions are used by military forces across the world for fixed, mobile and even man-portable applications, ensuring optimum communication time after time.

Refining The Customer Experience

As winner of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies Program for three consecutive years Advantech AMT is committed to providing quality and cost-effective solutions to its customers. Advantech products are the fruit of endless efforts in research and development, and are backed by our quality system that is certified ISO 9001:2000. However, Advantech customers will tell you that beyond the research and development, beyond the leading edge technology and quality, lies Advantech’s commitment to the customer’s project. Advantech is not simply products or service; it is the quality of experience and the assurance that you are getting the best value proposition backed by the best customer experience available today. So if you need to communicate, communicate with us first.

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Radyne Corp. supplies the satellite industry with an extensive portfolio of modems, converters, encoders, amplifier products and microspacecraft busses and components. Radyne is headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, with additional design and manufacturing facilities in, Santa Clara and San Diego, Calif. Microspacecraft activities, commercial and U.S. government classified, are performed at facilities in Ashburn Va., and Littleton Colo.. Radyne’s sales and support offices are located worldwide to ensure timely, knowledgeable support to a broad based international set of customers.

Radyne Corp. is structured into four business units to maintain sharp focus on the key technologies and products our customers need and demand.

Radyne’s Phoenix division focuses on satellite and terrestrial modems that address the challenges facing both military and commercial sectors today. Radyne has recently accumulated an impressive string of wins on major military contracts, which include its role on the Air Force’s Ground MultiBand Terminal (GMT) program. The modem being used in this application is one of the industry’s first MIL-STD-188-165A DISA compliant modems, the DMD2050. With the release of this modem Radyne set the standard for a high speed, high performance and flexible COTS modem. This modem builds on the success of the DMD15L to support various vital government and military communications links worldwide meeting MIL-STD requirements and also is configurable for operation in IDR, IBS and DVB environments, another industry first.

In addition to Radyne’s strength in the military marketplace, it has been the leader in supplying product for key commercial applications. Radyne’s latest product, the Skywire, is enabling customers with small and medium sized mesh and hub and spoke networks to achieve unmatched efficiency and cost effectiveness in new and retrofit installations.

Radyne’s Xicom Technology division manufactures a full line of TWT, Solid State, and Klystron amplifiers supporting communications power generation in C-, X-, Ku-, DBS-, Ka-, and Q-band, as well as Triband (C-/X-/Ku-band) operation. Amplifiers are available for both fixed and mobile markets in rack mount and antenna mount packages. For rack mount applications Xicom offers a range of compact TWTAs, SSPAs, and KPAs with power levels ranging from 8 to 3350 watts. In the antenna mount line RF packages of up to 750 watts are available.

Xicom has revolutionized the mobile satcom market with some of the smallest and lightest feature-rich Block Up Converters (BUCs) available today. These new antenna-mount BUCs are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for size, weight and high reliability. Each unit measures only 11.63 inches x 5.5 inches x 6.5 inches and weighs less than 15 pounds. The units have been specifically designed for rugged, outdoor, mobile environments.

Radyne’s Tiernan division designs and manufactures professional grade digital video and audio compression and transmission products used by television broadcasters, common carriers, cable television operators and audio broadcasters worldwide. A leader in providing High Definition encoders, Tiernan HD encoders and decoders have been used in numerous high profile events where ease of use, service and reliability are key. Tiernan is continuing to add cutting-edge products to serve its customers, with new encoders utilizing the latest AVC or MPEG 4 encoding in standard and high-definition versions. Tiernan also supplies the core communications equipment for homeland security for a major Asian country.

Radyne’s latest family member, AeroAstro, is a leader in providing microspacecraft systems and products to commercial, international, and U.S. government customers. AeroAstro was founded in 1988, and is a leader in standard interface/standard bus products that will enable rapid response and highly cost effective spacecraft to be deployed. AeroAstro also developed and manufactures equipment and software for the SENS global telemetry and tracking system.

The Radyne family of companies serves the commercial and military satcom and broadcast industry with an extensive and highly capable family of products. For further information contact Radyne at 602-437-9620 or visit and

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