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ATCi Launches New Antenna System

Antenna Technology Communications (ATCi) has launched its Simulsat Multibeam transport antenna system specifically designed for cable TV applications.

The complete RF Transport System includes the Simulsat Multibeam antenna — a multiple satellite antenna that is capable of receiving satellite transmissions from 35+ satellites simultaneously, L-band fiber optic links for transport into the headend, RF detection for LNB status, L-band matrix switch to route and distribute signals to receivers, an embedded spectrum analyzer for monitoring each signal and total monitoring capabilities of each individual signal path.

Comtech EF Data brings ptp Hardware Support to flagship Modem

Comtech EF Data is bringing IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) hardware support for its flagship modem, the CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem.

The CDM-625 with PTP facilitates greater synchronization accuracy for satellite-based 2G and 3G mobile backhaul over packet networks.

Craftwork Rolls Out Software Solutions for SAT-over-IP Manufacturers

Danish technology developer Craftwork has launched off-the-shelf software solutions that enables device manufacturers to rapidly develop and launch new SAT-over-IP devices.

Craftwork is an original co-author of the SAT-over-IP standard. The company said its partners would gain access to pre-developed server and client solution and have the option to utilize its services for integration and approval of SAT-over-IP products. Craftwork also demonstrated its SAT-over-IP server and client products at a recent Industry Days event sponsored by SES.

Galaxy Broadband Releases Quick-Deploy Enterprise Satellite System

Canadian satellite company Galaxy Broadband has introduced a new satellite-in-a-box system for enterprise markets.

Galaxy Broadband’s Scout was designed as a quick-deploy satellite antenna system for customers requiring a rugged, easily transportable communication solution with simpler assembly and pointing procedures. The service will be available with low-cost data plans and fully supported voice-over-IP service. The company said the unit would be specifically targeted to work on Galaxy’s Ka-band satellite coverage in Northern Canada.

ITU Develops Standard for Ultra HDTV

The move to Ultra High Definition TV (UHDTV) took a step forward after the ITU announced its new recommendation (standard). The ITU-R Study Group 6 has now agreed a draft new recommendation on the technical details for UHDTV, which is now being submitted to administrations for approval.

The ITU-R Recommendation lays out the quality standards for UHDTV in two steps. The advances made with each of these quality steps are roughly similar to the step from the old standard definition television to high-definition television (HDTV). HDTV pictures today have the equivalent of between 1-2 megapixels. The first level of UHDTV picture levels has the equivalent of about 8 megapixels and the next level comes with the equivalent of about 32 megapixels.

SkyWave Introduces New Dual-Mode Satellite Terminals

SkyWave Mobile Communications has introduced its new IDP-780 series of terminals with dual-mode satellite-cellular capability.

The IDP-780 terminal aims to offer extended satellite payload and dual SIM capabilities combined with IsatData Pro satellite service, cellular service, mobile asset tracking, logistics and security applications with global coverage. SkyWave said it would target the new terminals for land mobile applications, as the IDP-780 products were designed based on SkyWave’s previous dual-mode solution.

Thrane & Thrane Adds Inmarsat Multi-Voice Service to Aviator Product Line

Thrane & Thrane has introduced new Inmarsat multi-voice services across its entire line of Aviator SwiftBroadband units.

Thrane & Thrane said the upgrade to the Aviator systems includes support for several simultaneous voice calls via SwiftBroadband and compatibility with its Aviator wireless handset. The upgrade also allows passengers and crew to use their own Wi-Fi enabled smartphones to access SwiftBroadband voice calling on the Aviator platform.

According to Thrane & Thrane, having this Inmarsat multi-voice capability allows each handset to benefit from having its own number.

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