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ASC Signal Inks Ka-band Antenna Contract from European Satellite Operator

ASC Signal has been selected to provide a significant number of Ka-band antennas to an unnamed major European satellite operator to ensure uptime in distributing pay-TV channels to the region’s satellite subscribers.

ASC Signal will deliver multiple Ka-band gateway antennas that provide advanced pointing accuracy and reliability and feature sub-reflector tracking (SRT) technology. ASC hopes the latest installation will extend the company’s relationships with major international satellite operators in the commercial sector.

Eutelsat Signs Ka-Sat Distribution Agreement with RG Networks

Eutelsat Communications subsidiary Skylogic has entered into a distribution agreement with RG Networks to provide access to Eutelsat’s Ka-Sat high-throughput satellite and deliver broadband to businesses and consumers across Hungary.

RG Networks, a subsidiary of RG Hungary, launched services via Ka-Sat in Hungary at the beginning of May under the vanNET brand. RG Networks said the company would use the agreement to respond to the goals set by the European Union directive for Internet connectivity.

iDirect Wins Bentley Walker Upgrade Deal

iDirect has been boosted by another significant customer win for its IDX 3.1 platform. Bentley Walker, a major European VSAT network operator, has upgraded its global satellite network to iDirect’s iDX 3.1 platform release, which offers new hardware and software features to support large-scale narrowband networks.

Through iDX 3.1, Bentley Walker can extend its reach by offering its service provider partners an “efficient and affordable” solution to pursue new market opportunities. iDX 3.1 enables Bentley Walker to scale its existing iDirect networks to a significantly greater number of sites, according to iDirect.

Iridium Enters OpenPort-Aero Distribution Agreement with LiveTV, Greenwich

JetBlue Airways subsidiary LiveTV and Greenwich AeroGroup have entered into a distribution agreement with Iridium to support and install the operator’s OpenPort-Aero broadband aviation communications platform.

LiveTV has developed a lightweight aviation antenna design from the Iridium OpenPort broadband maritime system to enable low-latency, high-speed global aircraft connectivity. Greenwich AeroGroup will provide initial certification, sales and installation support for the Iridium OpenPort-Aero product line at its various locations in the United States. The initial installations are scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2012.

Iridium said the arrangement should expand the presence of its OpenPort-Aero high-speed data and voice communications solution in the business, government and military markets.

Optus Wins A$15 Million Distance Learning Deal with Australian Government

Optus has signed a A$15 million ($14.66 Million), five-year contract with Australia’s NSW Department of Education and Communities to provide remote distance learning satellite services for students.

The Australian telco will upgrade the NSW Department of Education and Communities’ existing satellite technology platform to double the amount of satellite bandwidth available to schools. Optus said the upgrade would occur during the course of the next few months and be completed by October, increasing the department’s current upload and download speeds by up to 10-fold.

SpaceX Signs Falcon Heavy Launch Deal with Intelsat

SpaceX has signed a contract with FSS operator Intelsat to launch a satellite once the launch company’s new Falcon Heavy rocket is complete. The Falcon Heavy will be responsible for taking Intelsat’s satellite up to a into geosynchronous transfer orbit.

SpaceX, which recently launched a Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule demonstration for NASA, did not disclose the timing of the launch with Intelsat, though SpaceX Spokeswoman Kirstin Brost Grantham said the Falcon Heavy rocket would not be ready for some time.

SupremeSAT Signs Investment Deals in Sri Lanka, China

SupremeSAT has signed an agreement with Sri Lanka’s Board of Investment to bring the nation’s space plans to fruition. The company is making an initial investment of $20 million, which will be further increased up to $320 million to have this space capability. The company’s long-term plan is to utilize the planned orbital slot of Sri Lanka, which is located at 50 degrees East and launch SupremeSAT, the country’s first ever telecommunications satellite.

The company has also entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with China’s state owned China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) for the design, manufacturing and launching of the satellite and also to secure the marketing facilities of many other satellites owned and operated by CGWIC and also China Satellites Communications Corporation.

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