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Via Satellite brings you up to date information from the commercial satellite launch sector. Check this site frequently to get the latest status updates on upcoming launches.


Latest Launch


Date: Oct. 19, 2016
Rocket: Soyuz
Launch Services Provider: Russia
Payload(s): Expedition 45
Payload Manufacturer(s): RSC Energia
Operator(s): Russia
Status: Success
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Upcoming Launches


Date: Late October/early November 2016
Rocket: Atlas 5
Launch Services Provider: Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services
Payload(s): WorldView 4
Payload Manufacturer(s): Lockheed Martin
Operator(s): DigitalGlobe
Status: Last delayed from Sept. 26 due to forest fire compromising Vandenberg range availability
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Date: Nov. 1, 2016
Rocket: H2A
Launch Services Provider: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Payload(s): Himawari 9
Payload Manufacturer(s): Mitsubishi Electric
Operator(s): Japan Meteorological Agency
Status: On schedule
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Date: Nov. 16, 2016
Rocket: Atlas 5
Launch Services Provider: United Launch Alliance (ULA)
Payload(s): GOES-R
Payload Manufacturer(s): Lockheed Martin
Operator(s): NOAA
Status: Last delayed from Nov. 4 due to hurricane
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Date: Nov. 17, 2016
Rocket: Ariane 5 ES
Launch Services Provider: Arianespace
Payload(s): Four Galileo Full Operational Capability (FOC) satellites
Payload Manufacturer(s): OHB Systems and SSTL
Operator(s): European Commission
Status: On schedule
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Date: Dec. 9
Rocket: H2B
Launch Services Provider: MHI
Payload(s): HTV-6
Payload Manufacturer(s):
Operator(s): JAXA
Status: Delayed from October due to the discovery of a leak in the vehicle
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Date: TBD
Rocket: Falcon 9
Launch Services Provider: SpaceX
Payload(s): 10 Iridium Next Satellites
Payload Manufacturer(s): Thales Alenia Space, Orbital ATK and other partners
Operator(s): Iridium
Status: TBD following Amos 6 loss
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Date: TBD
Rocket: Proton
Launch Services Provider: International Launch Services (ILS)
Payload(s): EchoStar 21
Payload Manufacturer(s): Space Systems Loral (SSL)
Operator(s): EchoStar
Status: Last delayed from Oct. 10
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