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Gulf Publishing Company Introduces LNG Intelligence Service

By | October 3, 2017
      Energy Web Atlas tracks close to 500 LNG facilities/projects. Photo: Gulf Publishing Company.

      Energy Web Atlas tracks close to 500 LNG facilities/projects. Photo: Gulf Publishing Company.

      Gulf Publishing Company has launched a platform called Energy Web Atlas (EWA) to provide the downstream energy sector with easy access to information about the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry.

      A real-time project information platform, the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)-based EWA is a compilation of geospatial datasets covering the energy industry with maps and data dedicated to the LNG industry. Tracking close to 500 LNG facilities and projects, EWA allows users to interrogate and export real-time project data, including details such as owner/operator, project status, storage and capacity.

      The system, which can visualize the datasets against a variety of base maps including satellite imagery, allows users to search by company/project status, access up-to-date project contact details, search global pipeline data, view gas/gas-condensate fields, statistics, LNG shipping routes, and vessel data. Users can also assess projects on a regional or national scale, or zoom in for a more detailed analysis of a particular area. The LNG datasets are updated in real time by a support team of researchers and cartographers, and subscribers can use the platform to create customized, export-ready charts, graphs and maps.

      In addition, a geospatial map tracking U.S. gas processing plants is also available on EWA. This platform gives users access to data and direct contacts for more than 500 gas processing plants in the United States. The dataset also includes information on more than 400 natural gas underground storage locations and 58 natural gas storage hubs.

      “Data is always changing and searching for statistics and analysis related to LNG — such as project details and status, shipping routes and vessel data — can be time consuming and cumbersome,” said Scott Allgood, director of data for Gulf Publishing Company. “The Energy Web Atlas provides professionals in the industry with a much needed, quick and easy way to access real-time data that is required for daily decision-making.”

      In 2018, Gulf Publishing Company will add new geospatial maps and datasets covering businesses such as renewable energy, downstream construction projects, petrochemicals, and oil and gas pipeline infrastructure to EWA.

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