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Advantech Announces Roll-off Development on AMT 75E DVS S/S2 Modem

By | April 25, 2014
      AMT 75E DVB SS2 High Speed Broadcast Modem

      Advantech’s AMT 75E DVB SS2 High Speed Broadcast Modem. Photo: Advantech Wireless

      [Via Satellite 04-25-2014] Advantech Wireless announced a 5 percent Roll-off Factor (ROF) on its AMT 75E DVB S/S2 High Speed Broadcast Modem. The modem is used for video distribution and VSAT networks, and has been deployed globally in many locations.

      “Advantech Wireless has been deploying systems with 12 percent roll-off for over five years and our latest developments have lowered the achievable roll-off to 5 percent,” said John Landovskis, VP PLM and business development, VSAT and modern products, at Advantech Wireless. “This will provide additional reduction in the occupied bandwidth helping to reduce the monthly OPEX cost.”

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