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Advantech Wireless Unveils New Multicarrier Broadcast Modulator

By | April 9, 2014
      Advantech Modulator MSBM-500

      The new multicarrier broadcast modulator MSBM-500. Photo: Advantech Wireless.

      [Via Satellite 04-09-2014] Advantech Wireless released a new multicarrier broadcast modulator: MSBM-500. From one 500 Mhz carrier, the modulator is capable of generating up to 16 independent 30 Msymbols/s carriers in the 950 Mhz to 2150 Mhz band.

      The MSBM-500 also supports Digital Video Broadcasting — Satellite (DVB-S) and Digital Video Broadcasting Second Generation (DVB-S2) functionality in a multi-channel environment and possesses two GigE-based IP and/or Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) data inputs. The carriers are frequency agile and are capable of controlling power, symbol rate, Forward Error Correction (FEC) rate and roll off on an individual basis.

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