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Advantech Wireless Announces New Modular SSPA/SSPB Device

By | March 21, 2014
      Ku-Band UltraLinear Modular Sapphire Series Advantech Wireless

      Ku-Band UltraLinear Modular Sapphire series. Photo: Advantech Wireless

      [Via Satellite 03-21-2014] Advantech Wireless has added the new SapphireBlu 3000W Ku-Band Hubmount UltraLinear Modular Solid State Power Amplifier/ Solid State Power Block Up Converter (SSPA/SSPB) to its portfolio of solutions designed to deliver high power density and high linear power at a lower cost. The new device exceeds barriers between Klystrons, Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) and SSPAs.

      The SapphireBlu 3000W Ku-Band Hubmount UltraLinear Modular SSPA/SSPB is designed for multi-carrier operations, is DVB-S2 enabled, and can cover multiple transponders. The device saturates all transponders on a satellite, allowing customers to obtain maximum power and bandwidth.

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