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MACOM Announces New Surface Mount Triplexer Filters

By | March 19, 2014
      surface mount Triplex Filter MACOM

      Surface mount Triplex filter . Photo: MACOM

      [Via Satellite 03-19-2014] M/A-COM Technology Solutions has announced three new surface-mount Triplexer filters for multimedia over coax alliance (MoCA) Cable Customer Premises Equipment. This platform of filters has been developed to replace large CAN and Discrete solutions in real estate-constrained customer premises equipment frontends. These devices provide temperature stability and part-to-part repeatability in addition to high volume surface-mount technology (SMT) manufacturing.

      “The MAFL 011018, MAFL 011023 and MAFL 011026 are ideal solutions for customers requiring high performance, repeatable, surface-mount triplex filters in a common footprint and pin-out,” said Graham Board, product manager. “This family of filters are MoCA 2.0 compliant and cover the following cable splits 42/54, 65/88, 85/105MHz with a plan to add a DOCSIS 3.1 204/258MHz split by mid-2014. Having a platform of filters which covers the key cable splits dramatically simplifies and expedites front-end implementation for customers.”

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