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Gilat Introduces Wavestream’s 50-Watt Ka-Wideband PowerStream BUC

By | March 11, 2014
      Wavestream 50W Ka-Wideband PowerStream Block Upconverter

      Wavestream 50W Ka-Wideband PowerStream BuC. Photo: Gilat

      [Via Satellite 03-11-2014] Gilat Satellite Networks has introduced its Wavestream 50W Ka-Wideband PowerStream Block Upconverter (BUC). This PowerStream unit incorporates Wavestream’s Spatial advantEdge technology to provide higher output power in smaller, lighter weight packages that are more reliable and use less energy.

      The new PowerStream is expected to improve the performance of its Ka-band predecessor with half the size and weight for higher linear output power.

      “In creating the 50W Ka-Wideband PowerStream, we leveraged the experience gained in fielding over 4,500 of the predecessor 50W Ka-band BUCs and over 9,000 Ku-band BUCs,” said Francis Auricchio, president and CEO of Wavestream. “The new unit features high output power with agile frequency selection in a package that is half the size of our previous product while yielding improved performance. We expect that this will provide past and future customers with the flexibility and performance to address all of the upcoming Ka-band applications.”

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