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CPI Introduces New TWTAs

By | March 11, 2014
      CPI 750 W TouchPower

      CPI’s new 750 W TouchPower TWTA, available in C-, DBS- and Ku-bands. Photo: CPI

      [Via Satellite 03-11-2014] Communications and Power Industries’ (CPI) satcom division has introduced its new TouchPower line of touch screen traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs). The company’s latest high-power amplifier (HPA) is a step forward in its rack-mount TWTA design.

      “CPI’s newest HPA combines the latest developments in touch screen technology with other technological innovations to dramatically improve ease-of-use and to maximize the value of the amplifier by reducing cost of ownership,” said Colin Eastment, vice president of business development at CPI satcom division. “Configurable color displays let the user select which parameters are seen, and our ScopeScreen feature provides charts and graphs that display amplifier performance over time. In addition, TouchPower amplifiers are available with CPI’s patented LifeExtender innovation, the only technology in the industry today that actually increases TWT cathode life by up to 50 percent. CPI also offers a companion feature called LifePredictor, which enables users to better plan TWT maintenance over time.”

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