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Australian Defense Force Selects ViaSat STT/KOR-24 Terminal for Data Link Network Management

By | December 23, 2013
      Small multi-channel TDL TIE

      STT KOR-24. Photo: ViaSat

      [Via Satellite 12-23-13] Australia’s Joint Project 2089Ph2A Tactical Information Exchange (TIE), has selected ViaSat to provide the Small Tactical Terminal (STT) KOR 24 for installation in its tactical data link (TDL) Network Monitoring and Management Systems.

      TIE systems, including TDL, are a key enabler for ensuring that tactical information is created, processed and shared among warfighters. Under JP 2089, the Australian Defense Force (ADF) is introducing a coherent and coordinated TIE environment and is systematically introducing TIE capability to selected legacy platforms. The STT will assist the Common Support Infrastructure, delivering smaller size, weight, and power with higher capability, multi-channel software-defined radios capable of operating in different network types simultaneously.

      The 16-pound STT/KOR-24 terminal is the only fully certified, two-channel, Link 16 and VHF/UHF radio. The VHF/UHF channels provide the soldier with the capability to insert time-critical data on the Link 16 network using software programmable waveforms such as HaveQuick and SINCGARS. Applications include helicopters, light aircraft, small boats, UAVs, and ground forces including vehicles and a wide variety of “shelterized” communication nodes.

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