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Thales Alenia Space Re-Opens Industrial Site in L’Aquila

By | December 3, 2013
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      Artist rendition of Thales Alenia Space L’Aquila, Italy facility. Photo: Thales Alenia Space

      [Via Satellite 12-3-13] After suffering irreparable structural damage from an earthquake in April 2009, Thales Alenia Space has replaced its original establishment with a newly-inaugurated industrial complex in L’Aquila, Italy.

      The inauguration ceremony of the new Thales Alenia Space Italia site was held at the industrial center in Pile. The building project was started in December of 2011, and was completed in less than two years using an investment of $57 million. Thales Alenia Space Italia has had its own plant in the Abruzzo region for 30 years.

      The new 16,080-square-meter center is specialized in the production of electronic components and antennas. Technological development and product manufacturing activities are carried out at the plant, as well as the complete production of electronic equipment, hybrids, antennas and composite structures for a wide range of space applications, including remote sensing, telecommunications, radar and military applications. The new facility will also support new production lines dedicated in particular to the development of large, lightweight SAR satellite antennas.

      The reconstructed building meets the strictest seismic criteria required by the new seismic regulations. Design solutions adopted envisage the widespread use of heat and construction material recovery systems, which – besides meeting general eco-sustainability criteria – minimize heat loss. The transfer of 307 employees from the temporary sites to the new industrial site began in mid-November and will be completed by early 2014 without any interruption to production activities.

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