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DoD Signs Five-Year Contract Electing Savi as Sole Provider for RFID 4 Program

By | April 15, 2014
      Savi ST-674 Sensor

      A Savi ST 674 sensor, one of the sensors used in the DoD RFID programs. Photo: Savi

      [Via Satellite 04-15-2014] The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has agreed to a five-year contract awarding Savi as the sole provider for the RFID 4 program. The contract establishes a $102 million ceiling for Savi to provide a comprehensive selection of hardware and software products, such as active Radio Frequency Identification (aRFID) sensors, readers, Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and other solutions used for global asset planning and tracking for personnel, equipment and cargo.

      The DoD has chosen Savi as the prime contractor on all four RFID-named contracts and selected Savi as the sole provider twice, once for RFID 2 and now for RFID 4. The combined ceiling of the first three RFID contracts is more than $1 billion, of which Savi won more than 97 percent of all awards, totaling more than 61 percent of the ceiling total.

      Several subcontractors have partnered with Savi on the RFID 4 award, such as Identec Solutions, Intermec by Honeywell, Orbcomm and Ubisense.

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