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Harris Corporation Introduces New HF Tactical Radio

By | March 20, 2014
      Harris Falcon 3

      Harris Falcon 3 RF 7800H wideband HF tactical radio. Photo: Harris Corporation

      [Via Satellite 03-20-2014] Harris Corporation has created a high-frequency (HF) tactical radio network that has the ability to link U.S. military bases with clear communications and improved capabilities. During a demonstration, the network allowed U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) personnel to send and receive voice and data messages simultaneously using beyond line-of-sight communications. Harris established the network using its Falcon 3 RF 7800H wideband HF tactical radio to sites in Colorado, Kentucky, Florida and North Carolina.

      The demonstration showed the radio’s ability to integrate into existing ground tactical networks and deliver voice and data services such as email, imagery distribution and situational awareness. The RF 7800H offers data rates up to 10 times greater than current HF manpacks, and also offers spectrum sensing tools that can identify optimal communication channels. It is also smaller and lighter than previous HF manpacks and is fully compatible with the Harris Falcon 2 product line and accessories.

      “SOCOM forces obtained communications that met or exceeded capabilities offered by legacy tactical satellite systems during the demonstration,” said George Helm, president, Department of Defense business, Harris RF Communications. “Our next-generation HF radio provides an important alternative for connecting team members when it matters most.”

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