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Exelis Completes Transmitter Assemblies for GPS 3 Satellite Payload

By | March 19, 2014
      GPS 3 satellite

      Core structure of the GPS 3 non-flight satellite testbed. Photo: Lockheed Martin

      [Via Satellite 03-19-2014] Exelis has completed and fully tested six transmitter assemblies, which are integral payload components for the first in a series of the next generation of GPS 3 navigation satellites. The navigation payload transmitters carry high-powered GPS signals from space to Earth, benefitting military, commercial and civilian users.

      The test program includes random vibration, pyroshock and thermal vacuum testing all of which replicate space-like conditions through deployment and on-orbit environments. The U.S. Air Force relies on the GPS 3 program, which affordably replaces the aging constellation of GPS satellites currently in orbit. The new satellites are expected to deliver three times better accuracy, provide up to eight times more powerful anti-jamming capabilities, and extend spacecraft life by 25 percent. The satellites will also carry a new civil signal designed to be interoperable with other international global navigation satellite systems.

      “Testing validated the transmitters’ performance for the first GPS 3 space vehicle or SV 1 and will be replicated for consecutive space vehicles,” said Mark Pisani, vice president and general manager of positioning, navigation and timing business area for Exelis Geospatial Systems. “We are committed to delivering a payload that works and contributes to moving the overall GPS modernization effort forward.”

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