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ViviSat Introduces Hosted Payload Capability on MEV Servicing Vehicles

By | May 13, 2013

      In-orbit servicing provider ViviSat has unveiled a highly agile hosted payload capability that aims to supplement its life extension services. ViviSat uses the Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV), manufactured its parent company, ATK. The primary mission of the MEV is to dock with an orbiting satellite and serve as the propulsion and attitude control systems. This enables mission extension for satellites that have run out of maneuvering fuel yet still have healthy payload and power systems.

            "Life extension is the founding mission for the MEV. However, we have an increasing interest by customers and the scientific community in our unique agility and the large Space, Weight and Power (SWAP) that we can accommodate," ViviSat COO Bryan McGuirk said in a statement.

            ATK Chief Engineer and Director of MEV Services Joe Anderson said the MEV could host payloads greater than 200kg and accommodate power demands greater than 2kW. “The differentiating feature of the MEV capability versus most other GEO Commsat hosts is the ability to be temporarily located to any orbital slot, or multiple slots, as arranged for by the payload provider,” he said. “Furthermore, there is no constraint on pointing or slewing like most other GEO hosts.” 

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