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Arianespace Launches Two More Satellites for Europe’s Galileo GPS

By | October 15, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 10-15-12] Arianespace launched two satellites into orbit for Europe’s Galileo global position system aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket from French Guiana on Oct. 12, the European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed Oct. 13.

      The launch brings the number of Galileo satellites now in orbit to four, as two others were launched last year. The Galileo system is designed “to free Europe of dependence on America’s Global Positioning System,” ESA said in a statement. It is estimated to cost over 20 billion euros (around $26 billion) and aims to be a fully operational 30-satellite constellation by 2020.
      The prime contractor is European aerospace company EADS with major subcontracting conducted by Thales Alenia Space.
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