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ScanEx Completes Environmental Satellite Monitoring Project in Russia

By | October 5, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 10-05-12] ScanEx and its partners have completed a satellite-based environmental monitoring project in the Russian sector of the Sea of Japan, using five satellites with optical and radar equipment for maritime area imaging, ScanEx announced Oct. 5.

      The Pacific Oceanology Institute of the RAS Far Eastern Department and oceanologists, teachers and students from St. Petersburg University and the Far Eastern Federal University used the satellite-based monitoring results for an expedition of the Lugovoe research ship near Russia’s coastline.
      “Integral maps of water area pollution by oil and navigation and shipping situation were obtained as a result, including the intensive boat traffic, fisheries, and marine park areas,” ScanEx said in a company statement. “The main sources of oil spills are discharges from ships along the shipping routes and within the fishing areas. Perspectives of satellite imagery technology application for control of illegal ships navigation within protected marine parks were demonstrated. Satellite imagery results proved the urgency of the trans-boundary transfer problem in the southwestern part of the Peter the Great Bay and adjacent water areas.”
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