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Space Foundation, Northrop Grumman Science Center to Open this Fall

By | April 23, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 04-23-12] Northrop Grumman has donated $375,000 to build a science center and teaching lab at the Space Foundation’s Colorado Springs, Colo. world headquarters, the company announced April 20.

         The facility, which will be named the Northrop Grumman Science Center, will include a “Science on a Sphere” laboratory and a teaching facility that will be used for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programs for teachers and students and for community education outreach efforts.
         Northrop Grumman said construction on the facility is scheduled begin immediately and that the new center would open as early as this fall.
         “This generous gift from Northrop Grumman makes it possible for the Space Foundation to realize our vision of an interactive destination for formal and informal public and private education — advancing STEM in the exciting context of space exploration, development and utilization," Space Foundation CEO Elliot Pulham said in a statement. “We envision a facility where children and adults can participate in highly interactive learning opportunities in multiple disciplines, including astronomy, physics, mathematics, geography, environmental sciences, planetary sciences and biology.”
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