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Linear Signal, NxGEN Form Technology Partnership to Fulfill NASA Contract

By | March 2, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 03-02-12] Linear Signal will perform beam signal research and development for NxGEN Electronics under a small-business contract with NASA/JPL, Linear Signal announced March 1.

         The company will design a phased-array Beamformer chipset and integrate it with NxGEN’s high-frequency packaging to support NASA’s ongoing mission plans for critical Earth observation, planetary experiments and data collection for Earth climate change monitoring.
         Linear Signal’s Phase 1 work will involve the design, layout and simulation of phase shifters, variable gain amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, combiners and digital Beamformer control logic blocks and layout multiple channels for commercial-ready fabrication.
         “Many of NASA/JPL missions have in common the need for phased array radars optimized for specific frequencies, small size, low cost and high-functionality. The performance goals set for Phase 2 will include consideration of additional applications and opportunities beyond NASA/JPL missions as well as actual chip fabrication, test and iteration as needed,” Linear Signal said in a company statement.
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