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GTX Satellite GPS Tracking App Hits 1 Million Downloads

By | July 4, 2011
      [Satellite TODAY 07-04-11] GTX Corp., a real-time, two-way GPS tracking and personal location services provider, has crossed the 1 million-download milestone mark for its GPS Tracking Apps through Apple and Android app stores, GTX announced July 1.
                  GTX said the increased demand for the two-way GPS tracking application was driven by several factors including: hundreds of millions of new GPS enabled smartphones hitting the market; an increase in boomers becoming memory impaired; corporations needing to better manage work productivity and logistics; and a “massive” lifestyle adoption of mobile location-based social networking.
      “Facebook and Twitter became giants by answering the ‘what are you doing question’ and we added the missing component – ‘where is’ or ‘where are you doing it,’ which has become the new paradigm for staying connected,” GTX Corp. CEO Patrick Bertagna said in a statement.
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