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NASA: Solar Flares Could Cause Disruptions to Satellite Communications

By | June 9, 2011
      [Satellite TODAY 06-09-11] NASA space observatories observed an “unusual” solar flare that could possibly cause minor disruptions to satellite communications and power on Earth in the next day or so, NASA officials announced June 8.
          The agency said the sun unleashed an M-2 solar flare, an S1-class radiation storm and a coronal mass ejection moving at 1,400 kilometers per second on June 7. “This is the largest blast of radiation on a level that has not been experienced since 2006,” the agency said in a statement.
          NASA warned that some communication satellites could be disrupted, but have yet to make statements regarding the severity of the flares. The agency did, however, pinpoint the height of solar flare activity to occur during the late hours of June 8 or June 9.

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