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Orbital Sciences Delivers Glory Satellite to NASA

By | January 12, 2011

      [Satellite TODAY 01-12-11] Orbital Sciences’ Glory satellite has arrived at Vandenberg Air Force Base for integration with its Taurus XL rocket for its launch into low-Earth orbit in late February, the company announced Jan. 11.
          Orbital built Glory for NASA under a long-standing contract to produce a series of Earth science satellites. Following its deployment and checkout, the Glory satellite will work to add capabilities to NASA’s A-Train Earth sensing spacecraft.
          “The Glory satellite is an excellent example of how multiple distributed satellites can provide valuable scientific returns at very reasonable mission costs. Its mission builds on the heritage of our AcrimSat and Sorce satellite programs, both of which were launched aboard Orbital rockets and could lead to our support of the future solar monitoring mission as well,” Orbital COO J.R. Thompson said in a statement.

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