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ATIS Prepares Commercial Mobile Alert System for LTE Deployment

By | October 18, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 10-18-10] The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) has developed a standard that enables the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) to be broadcast over LTE networks in order to receive alerts during emergencies or natural disasters, ATIS announced Oct. 15.
          ATIS said the specification would benefit satellite and wireless end-users by allowing wider proliferation of CMAS’ 90-character text message emergency alerts and warnings of imminent threats. This standard also aims to complement and coexist with other ATIS CMAS standards jointly developed between ATIS and the TIA.
          Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security approved the joint ATIS/TIA CMAS federal alert gateway as a national standard.
          CMAS “ensures that as next-generation LTE networks are deployed, wireless users will continue to receive critical public-safety communications,” ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller said in a statement.

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