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LightSquared Forms Response Team to Provide SkyTerra Satellite Connectivity

By | October 14, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 10-14-10] Wholesale integrated wireless broadband and satellite network provider LightSquared has formed an Emergency Rapid Response Communications Team (ERRT) to deploy to emergency and disaster locations throughout North America, LightSquared announced Oct. 13. 
          The ERRT, part of LightSquared’s Emergency Preparedness Program, aims to provide on-call mobile satellite communications services, personnel and equipment for emergency support to federal, state and local first responders and public safety agencies.
          LightSquared initiated the Emergency Preparedness Program to make SkyTerra satellite communications services available to first responders and public safety personnel during emergencies, even if terrestrial wireless and landline systems are compromised in emergency situations.  
          “LightSquared is taking an additional step to provide support to first responder/public safety users by establishing the Emergency Preparedness Program with its [ERRT]. This program will help public safety organizations prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies by providing a rapid on-site support capability to ensure that emergency service providers have satellite communications in case terrestrial capability is reduced or lost,” LightSquared Chairman and CEO Sanjiv Ahuja said in a statement.

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