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Norway’s AISSat-1 Enters Service

By | July 19, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 07-19-10] Norwegian operator Kongsberg’s AISSat-1 nanosatellite entered service and began transmitting automatic identification system (AIS) messages from orbit via Kongsberg’s ground station at Svalbard, Norway, the operator announced July 16.
          AISSat-1, launched July 12 by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on an Indian PSLV rocket, is an experimental satellite equipped with a Kongsberg Seatex payload that receives and forwards AIS messages from ships. AIS is required under Norwegian law to be carried on all seagoing vessels of 300 gross tons or more and all passenger vessels. Its purpose is to assist the ship navigational watch to avoid collision with other vessels as well as to allow maritime authorities to track and monitor ship movements through operation of land based AIS stations.
          “Norway and Kongsberg have been at the forefront with leading technology and solutions within this area of expertise. The AISSat program fits very well with our mission to provide the best solutions to our customers for safe navigation, positioning and operation in demanding offshore and maritime applications. The High North is such a demanding application area," Kongsberg President Gard Ueland said in a statement.

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