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Swedish Space Corp. S-band Services to Support Korean Civil Space Mission

By | June 3, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 06-03-10] Swedish Space Corp. (SSC) has been awarded a $200,000 contract to provide S-band ranging service to the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) for its Communications, Ocean and Meteorological Satellite (COMS) mission, SSC announced June 2.
          SSC will use its PrioraNet Dongara station in Western Australia to support S-band services to COMS spacecraft and store the acquired data on the site’s servers for further Internet distribution to the customer.
          SSC’s contract will be effective until KARI completes COMS’ six-month in-orbit test phase, with a contract extension option available, if necessary.
          “This is our first contract with KARI … Korea has many new interesting satellite projects in the coming years and we are right now expanding our network with further ground stations that will fit well into their future plans,” SSC Account Manager Alf Öskog said in a statement.

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