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Kongsberg Seatex Provides Safety Technology to AISSat-1

By | May 3, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 05-03-10] Norway’s AISSat-1 satellite, scheduled to launch May 9 from India, will incorporate safety technology developed by Kongsberg Seatex in cooperation with the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Norwegian Space Center, Kongsberg Seatex announced April 29.
          Kongsberg provided AISSat-1 with a fully deployed safety system for ocean-going vessels in the High North Seas around Spitzbergen, Norway. The system aims to simplify identification and coordination of vessels in a search and rescue situation as well as monitor vessels carrying hazardous cargo and other environmental risk assessment situations.
          AISSat-1 is a demonstraion and experimental satellite carrying equipment for reception and relaying AIS signal, in efforts to expand Norway’s AIS coverage area to all maritime zones controlled by Norwegian authorities.

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