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Bolivian, Chinese Tupac Katari Satellite Partnership Now Official

By | April 6, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 04-06-10] Bolivia has made its proposed partnership with China to build and launch its Tupac Katari telecommunications satellite official by signing an agreement with Chinese authorities for a range of services on April 2, the Bolivian Ministry of Telecommunications announced.
          Bolivia expects to construct and launch the satellite within three years. Chinese scientists will train Bolivian Space Agency personnel how to operate and administrate the Tupac Katari satellites, which will start sending signals in Bolivia and Latin America through grounds stations located in Pampahasi and La Guardia in Santa Cruz.
          Bolivian Deputy Telecommunication Minister Roy Mendez initially revealed that the country was in negotiations with Chinese Great Wall Industrial Corp. in December. Mendez said the $300 million project would be funded by secured credit from a Chinese bank.

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